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Crystals, the reflecting play of light in its inherent structures, are fascinating testimonies of nature to Tom Munsteiner, which lead him to a formal expression in the cut which is incomparably rich in variation. The crystal is not just dead stone to him; the crystal, which looks at him through its reflection of light as it were, leads an independent existence at the threshold between inanimate and animated nature like something organic. This is the reason why Tom Munsteiner combines clean cuts in the material, geometric figures, such as prisms and circles, testimonies of an internal constructivist architecture of the stone, with spherical, organically soft round forms.



1997 Atelier Tom Munsteiner in Stipshausen
1995 Master of Gemstone cutting
1995 State-certified designer for gemstones and jewelry
1993-95 High School of Gemstone and Jewellery Design, Idar-Oberstein
1991 trained as Gemologist
1985 – 89 Educated as a Lapidary Stone Cutter in the Company of Bernd Munsteiner
1989 Gesellenprüfung als Edelsteinschleifer
1985 – 89 Educated as a Lapidary Stone Cutter in the Company of Bernd Munsteiner
1969 27. April, Born in Bernkastel-Kues, Germany

Working picture of Tom Munsteiner

Honors and Awards Tom Munsteiner


2018 AGTA Spectrum Award Objects of Art 2. Preis
2018 European Product Design Award – Silber- und Bronzepreis
2015 International Design Award – Honorable Mention
2015 Iron A’Design Award In Arts, Crafts and Design
2014 Golden A’Design Award In Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design
2014 mineralArt Honorable Mention
2013 Preis des Handwerks Rheinland-Pfalz
2010 The Gemmys 2010 Faceted Gems category 1. Preis Gem Objects 2. Preis
2009 The Gemmys 2009 Cabochon Gems 1. Preis Gem Objects 1. Preis
2009 Platinum Couture Style Challenge Winner
2009 The Stone in the Jewelry 1. Preis St. Petersburg, Russland
2008 mineralArt 3. Preis mineralArt Belobigung
2007 The Gemmys 2007 Cabochon Gems 1. Preis Specially Cut Gem 1. Preis
2007 Preis des Handwerks Rheinland-Pfalz 2007



2007 3. Preis „Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis“, Idar-Oberstein
Belobigung „Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis“, Idar-Oberstein
2006 The Gemmys 2006 Cabochon Gems 1. Preis Specially Cut Gem 1. + 2. Preis
Gem Objects 1. Preis
2001 AGTA’s Spectrum Award 2001 International Division 1. Preis
2001 Bayrischer Staatspreis
2001 1. Preis „Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis“, Idar-Oberstein
1999 Gewinner des Preisträgerskulpturen Wettbewerbs Innovationspreis Oberfranken
1999 3. Preis „Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis“ , Idar-Oberstein
1998 AGTA’s Spectrum Award International Division 1. Preis
1997 AGTA’s Cutting Edge international Open Category: 1. Preis International Objects of Art: Honourable mention
1992 Förderpreis für das Kunsthandwerk des Landes Rheinland-Pfalz
1991 Belobigung „Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis“

Exhibitions at home and abroad



In the mid-1970s Bernd Munsteiner began to revolutionize the design of gemstones with the radical rejection of the world-wide brilliant cut. For him, the aesthetic quality of the crystals was a rediscovery and the cornerstone of his worldwide success. Munsteiner used his ideas to bring the gem to the art of the 20th century. His works are represented in numerous museums worldwide. Since 1997, his son Tom and his daughter-in-law Jutta continue the studio in Stipshausen near Idar-Oberstein. Over the past 15 years, “The Young Generation”, based on Bernd Munsteiner’s work, has developed its own characteristic form language that places the virtual interior of the cut crystal at the center of aesthetic reflection. Tom Munsteiner is a gemstone designer, Jutta Munsteiner jewelry and gemstone designer as well as goldsmith master. The richly illustrated book provides a complete overview of the artistic work of Tom and Jutta Munsteiner. Not only does it give a deep insight into the crystalline worlds of gemstones, but it also shows that crystals have lost none of their millennia-old fascination as an artistic material. Not only does it give a deep insight into the crystalline worlds of gemstones, but it also shows that crystals have lost none of their millennia-old fascination as an artistic material. Bestellinformationen


The fascinating art of gemstone cutting was once carried around the world from Idar-Oberstein. The stone cutter Bernd Munsteiner revolutionized gemstone grinding from there. In the 1960s he became the first contemporary artist to put the aesthetic qualities of the naturally grown mineral mineral in the center of his sculptural work. At first they are agates, later transparent gems that become pictures, sculptures or jewelery. His concern was not to perfect the superficial shine of the mineral, but to make the “inside” of a gem visible. His newly invented stone cuts “Natural Movements”, “Inside Selecting” or “Rhythm” stand for Munsteiner’s unusual handling of the gemstone. They open up to the viewer previously unknown. Sehräume; magical “landscapes” in the stone that expand into projection surfaces of the psychic. In the last few years, Munsteiner’s work focuses on gemstone sculpture, which opens up completely new dimensions for the design of the gemstone. Spectacular sculptures such as those of the cycle “Metamorphosis” from an originally 580 kg rock crystal have earned Bernd Munsteiner an international reputation as an outstanding innovator of modern gemstone cut. Bestellinformationen


Creativity: Fantasy, dimension, composition, structure, rhythm, contrasts, accents, color … I understand reliefs, gemstone cuts, jewelery and sculptures as an artistic statement of our time, an individual expression of creativity. It’s my way of speaking, of making myself understood. The Gemstone cut requires its own form of creativity, the recognition of natural forms, the crystallographic structure; Everything that exists must be perceived. This requires a special sensitivity to the matter, to the color of the minerals, their purity, their natural inclusions and structural changes in order to make visible and classify the invisible. On this the realization of an idea in the mineral, the own mental statement, is based. Minerals and crystals, the most fascinating matter on earth, are brought out of the earth under often difficult conditions and thanks to hard work. Selected and rare transparent crystals are the basis of my work as a gemstone sander. For many years I have been traveling to Brazil to track down such crystals at their original deposits. Bestellinformationen

Munsteiner(s) Zeit

Liberated from the constraints of traditional jewellery design, Bernd Munsteiner has found his own way as a kind of synthesis of the natural form of the material and modern styling. His own philosophy lies behind all his designs: the realization of an idea in mineral, in which natural forms are recognized, and whose essence is perceived and made visible. In the end, the shaped stone represents an individual intellectual statement of this magus of precious stones. His works could therefore not be better characterised than by the observation of Viktor Hugo: “Nothing in the world is as powerful as an idea.” Bestellinformationen

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