Jutta Munsteiner

Jutta Munsteiner

Although Jutta Munsteiner’s creative focus was initially on jewellery, the intensive collaboration in Atelier Munsteiner was doubtlessly a decisive factor in encouraging her to work to an increasing degree also as a shaper of precious stones.
Jutta Munsteiner attempts in a very sensitive manner to explore very cautiously the feelings which jewellery could provoke in the sophisticated customer who lives in the present.
Women of today and the future no longer want to use jewellery to show what they have, but who they are. In other words: jewellery as an object of possession, as a status symbol is “out”. This means it must contribute more strongly towards expressing the inner character of a woman. As a result, however, jewellery also challenges a woman to recognize herself.

Curriculum Vitae

1968 Born in Hermeskeil, Germany;
1985-89 Educated as a Goldsmith in the Company of “Schmuckatelier Heinz”, Trier;
1989-93 apprenticed in different workshops; 1993-95 High school of Gem Stone and Jewelry design in Idar-Oberstein;
1995 Master of Goldsmith.

Honors and Awards

2015 International Design Award – Gold Award and Honorable Mention in Fashion Design – Jewelry
2014 Golden A’Design Award in Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch Design | 2014 MineralArt Honorable Mention
2013 Preis des Handwerks Rheinland-Pfalz
2012 Perlen Grand Prix “Tahiti Plus” – Auszeichnung 2010 Perlen Grand Prix – Auszeichnung Kategorie Design
2009 Belobigung “Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis”, Idar-Oberstein
2008 mineralART, 1. Preis
2003 Anerkennung Designwettbewerb HWK Koblenz; 2000 First European Jewellery Award FEJA
2000 “New Designer Of The Year”, Award For Design Excellence, JA. New York
1999 Belobigung “Deutscher Schmuck- und Edelsteinpreis” Idar-Oberstein, Belobigung “Mineralienwettbewerb” Idar-Oberstein.

Atelier Munsteiner
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