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The studio in the picturesque Hunsrück village of Stipshausen is home to Tom, Jutta and Bernd Munsteiner. Built in 1973, the studio has been an oasis of creativity ever since. Together with a small team of master gem cutters and goldsmiths, Tom and Jutta create new and exciting designs in stone and jewellery every day. Tourmaline, aquamarine, garnet, citrine, amethyst, rock crystal and many other minerals receive their very special, unique “Munsteiner cut” here. In the studios own goldsmith’s workshop, the Munsteiners create unique jewellery in Platinum, Yellow Gold and Silver, many of which have already been honored with multiple awards internationally. The combination of gemstone cutting, goldsmithing and exhibition rooms offer visitors a wonderful opportunity to gain a small insight into the creative process from the rough stone to the finished piece of jewellery.


Necklace “Erotic”

Turmalines 3.14 / 3.12 / 1.90 ct.
Gold Beryl 2.79 ct.
Aquamarine 2.85 ct.
Citrine 1.57 ct.
750/- Yellow Gold

Jutta Munsteiner

Bracelet “Magic Eye”

Turmalines 750/- Yellow Gold

Jutta Munsteiner

Ring “Twins”

4,87 ct. / 8,61 ct.
750/- Yellow Gold

Jutta Munsteiner

Ring “Erotic”

Turmaline 2.92 / 1.38 ct. Aquamarine 2.24 ct.
750/- Yellow Gold

Jutta Munsteiner


Necklace “Faces: Marylin”

Amethyst 145.93 ct.

Jutta Munsteiner


Earrings “Extensions”

Aquamarine 34.34 ct. 950/-Platinum

Jutta Munsteiner

Halsschmuck “Faces: Princess”

Bergkristall mit Rutil 68.33 ct.

Jutta Munsteiner

Ring “Left and Right”

Turmaline 10.62 ct.
750/- Yellow Gold

Tom Munsteiner

Earrings “Extensions”

Turmalines 21.62 ct.
Turmaline Quartz
Turmaline Triangles 0.93 ct.
950/- Platinum

Jutta Munsteiner

Necklace “Vibrant”

Morganite 16.28 ct.
Aquamarine 2.94 ct.
950/- Platinum, 750/- Yellow Gold

Jutta Munsteiner



Necklace “Mantis”

Aquamarine 167.76 ct.
2 Trillants
950/- Platinum

Tom Munsteiner


Agate Relief
Brillant 0.15 ct. fw/si
750/- Yellow Gold

Tom Munsteiner

Bernd, Jutta und Tom Munsteiner


Bernd Munsteiner was the first contemporary artist to go off in search of the aura of the crystal. For more than forty years now, he has been turning transparent stones in particular into images, objets d’art and sculptures. They open up the magical landscapes inside the crystal to the viewer, extend his inner and outer visual areas into projection surfaces of the psychical.Through his work, Munsteiner links precious stone sculpture to the artistic debates of the 20th century without denying the archaic layers in the relationship of mankind to stone and precious stones in particular. By that very act, Munsteiner’s precious stone sculptures elude a representation culture oriented towards performative eventfulness as well as reception in passing. On the other hand, they project into our transient lifetime as monumental symbols of the eternal – in spite of their relatively small spatial volume.

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Although Jutta Munsteiner’s creative focus was initially on jewellery, the intensive collaboration in Atelier Munsteiner was doubtlessly a decisive factor in encouraging her to work to an increasing degree also as a shaper of precious stones. Jutta Munsteiner attempts in a very sensitive manner to explore very cautiously the feelings which jewellery could provoke in the sophisticated customer who lives in the present. Women of today and the future no longer want to use jewellery to show what they have, but who they are. In other words: jewellery as an object of possession, as a status symbol is “out”. This means it must contribute more strongly towards expressing the inner character of a woman. As a result, however, jewellery also challenges a woman to recognize herself.

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Crystals, the reflecting play of light in its inherent structures, are fascinating testimonies of nature to Tom Munsteiner, which lead him to a formal expression in the cut which is incomparably rich in variation. The crystal is not just dead stone to him; the crystal, which looks at him through its reflection of light as it were, leads an independent existence at the threshold between inanimate and animated nature like something organic. This is the reason why Tom Munsteiner combines clean cuts in the material, geometric figures, such as prisms and circles, testimonies of an internal constructivist architecture of the stone, with spherical, organically soft round forms.

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Beryl “Maverick”

172.72 ct.

Tom Munsteiner

Citrine “Magic Eye”

750 ct.

Tom Munsteiner

  Tanzanite “Ritmo”

29.58 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Aquamarin “Ritmo”

10.22 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Turmaline “Ritmo”

19.72 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Turmalin “Hexagonal”

18.53 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Aquamarine “Ritmo”

60.19 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Turmaline “Ritmo”

96.92 ct.

Tom Munsteiner

  Peridot “Magic Eye”

16.51 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Turmaline “Ritmo”

53.15 ct.

Tom Munsteiner



In the mid – 1970s Bernd Munsteiner began to revolutionize the design of gemstones with the radical rejection of the world-wide brilliant cut. For him, the aesthetic quality of the crystals was a rediscovery and the cornerstone of his worldwide success. Munsteiner used his ideas to bring the gem to the art of the 20th century. His works are represented in numerous museums worldwide. Since 1997, his son Tom and his daughter-in-law Jutta continue the studio in Stipshausen near Idar-Oberstein. Over the past 15 years, “The Young Generation”, based on Bernd Munsteiner’s work, has developed its own characteristic form language that places the virtual interior of the cut crystal at the center of aesthetic reflection. Tom Munsteiner is a gemstone designer, Jutta Munsteiner jewelry and gemstone designer as well as goldsmith master. The richly illustrated book provides a complete overview of the artistic work of Tom and Jutta Munsteiner. Not only is there a deep insight into the crystalline worlds of the gems,

but shows that crystals as an artistic material have lost none of their millennia-old fascination. Not only does it give a deep insight into the crystalline worlds of gemstones, but it also shows that crystals have lost none of their millennia-old fascination as an artistic material.


The fascinating art of gemstone cutting was once carried around the world from Idar-Oberstein. The stone cutter Bernd Munsteiner revolutionized gemstone grinding from there. In the 1960s he became the first contemporary artist to put the aesthetic qualities of the naturally grown mineral mineral in the center of his sculptural work. At first they are agates, later transparent gems that become pictures, sculptures or jewelery. His concern was not to perfect the superficial shine of the mineral, but to make the “inside” of a gem visible. His newly invented stone cuts “Natural Movements”, “Inside Selecting” or “Rhythm” stand for Munsteiner’s unusual handling of the gemstone. They open up to the viewer previously unknown.

Sehräume; magical “landscapes” in the stone that expand into projection surfaces of the psychic. In the last few years, Munsteiner’s work focuses on gemstone sculpture, which opens up completely new dimensions for the design of the gemstone. Spectacular sculptures such as those of the cycle “Metamorphosis” from an originally 580 kg rock crystal have earned Bernd Munsteiner an international reputation as an outstanding innovator of modern gemstone cut.


Creativity: Fantasy, dimension, composition, structure, rhythm, contrasts, accents, color … I understand reliefs, gemstone cuts, jewelery and sculptures as an artistic statement of our time, an individual expression of creativity. It’s my way of speaking, of making myself understood. The Gemstone cut requires its own form of creativity, the recognition of natural forms, the crystallographic structure; Everything that exists must be perceived. This requires a special sensitivity to the matter, to the color of the minerals, their purity, their natural inclusions and structural changes in order to make visible and classify the invisible.

On this the realization of an idea in the mineral, the own mental statement, is based. Minerals and crystals, the most fascinating matter on earth, are brought out of the earth under often difficult conditions and thanks to hard work. Selected and rare transparent crystals are the basis of my work as a gemstone sander. For many years I have been traveling to Brazil to track down such crystals at their original deposits.

A publication by Publicaciones Joyeras, S.A. from the year 2000.

Munsteiner(s) Zeit

For all publications, a book description and reference to more information with links to the complete page of the publication with further description, images from the publication and reference to the source is available. For all publications, a book description and reference to more information with links to the complete page of the publication with further description, images from the publication and reference to the source is available.

The publication “Munsteiner (s) Zeit” is out of print.


  Sculpture “Mantis”

Citrine 12.500 ct.

Tom Munsteiner

Sculpture  “Prisma”

Tourmaline Quartz 290 ct.

Tom Munsteiner


Sculpture “Sign”

Rock Crystal 20.000 ct.

Tom Munsteiner

Bergkristall-Skulptur-Kosmos Sculpture “Kosmos”

Quartz with Phantom Crystals
and Aluminum Base

Tom Munsteiner

Sculpture “Cosmos” detail view



Rock Crystal, Amethyst
750/- Yellow Gold

Tom Munsteiner

Sculpture “Visions in Crystal”

264 pcs. Quartz ( Rock Crystal,
Citrine, Smoky Quartz),
Aluminium Frame

Tom Munsteiner

Sculpture “Phönix”

Citrine 17.475 ct.

Tom Munsteiner

Sculpture “Metamorphose III”

Rutilated Quartz

Bernd Munsteiner

Sculpture “Losango”

Citrine, Aluminum Base

Tom Munsteiner


European Product Design Award 2018:
“Hashioki” – a Chopstick/Knife Rest in Citrine

Das Messerbänkchen “Hashioki” ist ein ganz besonderes Tisch – Accessoire, handgeschliffen aus einem natürlichen Citrin. Es zeichnet sich durch seine geometrische Gradlinigkeit aus. Im Gegensatz dazu wird das Innere mit wenigen Einschnitten belebt. Trotz seiner vordergründigen Schlichtheit fasziniert „Hashioki“ durch sich ständig wandelnde optische Eindrücke, und überraschende Lichtreflexionen. Das Objekt misst 50 x 18 mm. Es ist in verschiedenen Edelstein – Arten wie Rauchquarz, Bergkristall mit Rutil und Citrin verfügbar.

Großer Katalanischer Kunstpreis für Bernd Munsteiner:
“der Picasso der Edelsteine.”

Große Ehre für Bernd Munsteiner: Der Edelsteindesigner aus Stipshausen erhielt in Barcelona den Großen Kunstpreis der katalanischen Gilde der Gold- und Silberschmiede, Uhrmacher, Gemmologen und Juweliere (JORGC). Stefan Conradt, Rhein-Zeitung 18.12.2017., Barcelona/Stipshausen

Feuerwerk der Sinne:
Edles Design für den
edlen Tropfen

Eine außergewöhnliche Kreation aus dem Hause Munsteiner, abseits von Schmuckstein und Skulptur, sind diese Digestif-Gläser aus natürlichem Bergkristall, Rauchquarz oder auch Citrin. Ein edler Stein als Gefäß für edle Tropfen – natürlich in markantem Munsteiner-Design – bietet ein ganz besonderes Erlebnis für Genießer und Sammler gleichermaßen.

World’s largest cut aquamarine displayed at Smithsonian

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The Munsteiners Tom and Bernd Munsteiner have been “rocking” the world of lapidary for numerous decades, making them both visionaries in the art of extraordinary gem cutting and objets d’art! Their legendary skills and exquisite style command sophisticated collectors and colleagues worldwide to view artistically cut gems with a new perspective. Munsteiner creations are Historical – Radical – Powerful – Beautiful – Phenomenal – Influential – Provincial – Sensual – Obtainable – Collectible Gems. No significant gem collection would be considered complete without a Munsteiner!

Susan Helmich, Designer of Jewellry

Songbook As a musician I see Jutta as a singer, Tom on drums, Philipp on bass and Bernd with trombone. They play e.g.: Mantis – Context Cut – Symbolon – Green Flash – Around the World -Dom Pedro – Magic Eye Splendid…..Gorgeous !

Robert Smit, Designer of Jewellry

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