"Munsteiner – The Young Generation"

219 pages, published in 2012 by Arnoldsche Art Publishers, Author: Wilhelm Lindemann. Texts in German and English. Availiable at bookstores for 49,80 Euro, or directly through Atelier Tom Munsteiner.
(ISBN 978-3-89790-374-6)

"Bernd Munsteiner - Reflexionen in Stein"

German/English, 224 pages,219 illustrations in colour.
The monography Reflections in Stone was published in 2004 by Arnoldsche ArtPublishers, with contributions by Wilhelm Lindemann, Si & Ann Frazier, Michael M. Scott, Deborah Aguado and Dr. Cristianne Weber-Stöber. Available at bookstores for 49,80 Euros.
(ISBN 978-3-89790-203-9)

"Munsteiner (s) Zeit"

German/English/Spanish, 134 pages Published by Publicaciones Joyeras, S.A. in 2000. Unfortunately "Munsteiner(s) Zeit" is out of print.

"Bernd Munsteiner"

Published in 1992 with contributions by Bernd Goldmann and Karl Schollmayer. 33,- Euros, obtainable through Atelier Tom Munsteiner.